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How to get back A Forgotten Wi-Fi password?

Living without internet has become the most difficult thing for anyone today and the presence of a Wireless Network can bring in so much magic into our lives by increasing our web surfing experience. If you have a WI-FI at home and want to give its access to your neighbour or a guest but you can’t just remember the password! In this article, we cover the possible options to help you retrieve a password that has been forgotten. 315

Retrieving Password for a previously connected Wi-Fi Network

  • The good news is that Window saves the password for all the networks that have been connected to it previously. In order to see a password already saved in your computer:
  • Open the Network and Sharing tab in your system present in the control tab section.
  • After which click the” Change adapter settings” which you will find in the left hand side of the menu
  • The next step is to open the Wi-Fi properties window. As soon as you click the properties you will end up with a new pop window containing a “Security Key option.”
  • Press it and get the characters of your password revealed in front of your eyes.wifi

 By Using Nirsoft’s WirelessKeyView

  • You need to visit the official website for which you need to click here.
  • It is an absolutely free utility.
  • Download the WireLessKey view file which is a zip file and its extraction will require a program like Win RAR. The extraction can be done at any location of your system and remember the name of the exe file will be like WireLessKeyView.exe
  • This program will list all the Wi-Fi networks saved on your system and in order to get

The key look out for the Key (ASCII) column. However, if it does not work then look out for the Key (Hex) column.

Reset the Router

In case you are not able to recover the password by trying the above options you can try resetting your password. Generally all routers have a reset button, What you need is to  Press it with a pen for at least ten seconds in order to bring about a change in its factory settings.

After the reset is done you will need a new username and password to reconfigure the router for which you will need to visit a website website will offer you the default username and password for each and every router that has ever been created.


After you have successfully found out the password better note it down somewhere so that you don’t end up losing it again. Hence, little efforts and a good presence of mind will solve your problem as next time you forget your password don’t feel sad just try out any of these options and your problem will get solved. Have a happy web surfing experience!