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The Success Journey Of Maximo Nivel


Maximo Nivel is a proud educational organization and social enterprise based in USA that provides several education and study programs in the countries of Latin America (mainly Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru) since 2003 and its programs are highly affordable, unique and international in nature. It also provides several great adventure and culture programs in these countries. Maximo Novel is also a Spanish term for maximum level. The organization works with more than 4,000 students, volunteers, clients, and travelers every year. In fact, it works as a link of the USA with these countries educationally as well as culturally.

Available programs:

  • Spanish immersion
  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Service Learning
  • International Internships
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification
  • Semester Abroad
  • High School Abroad


Locations of offices/institutes:

  • Miami, Florida (USA)
  • Antigua, Guatemala
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Cusco, Peru


  • Accreditation by the Ministries of Education in Guatemala and Peru
  • Global Associate member of NAFSA
  • Association of International Educators
  • Recognition with Bildungsurlaub in Germany
  • Membersip of the Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO)
  • Certifying organization for the S. President’s Volunteer Service Award


  • Pick-up from Airports
  • Safety orientation
  • Walking tour
  • Official program certificates
  • Tandem Conversation Program
  • Office-wide Wi-Fi and computer lounge
  • Spanish language tutoring table
  • Salsa dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Coffee and tea at the on-site snack bar
  • Open 7 day/week
  • Emergency contact 24/7
  • Live music
  • Trekking and tours
  • Cultural activities and events
  • Various accommodation options in premises which include shared/private rooms, private apartments, separate residences, hostels, and hotels.

Highlights of its programs:


The institutes arrange travel and excursions through on-site travel partners.

  • MyJ Travel(Costa Rica)
  • Guinness Travel(Guatemala)
  • American Inca Trail(Peru)

Tandem Conversation program is a free language and cultural exchange between individuals of different communities at various public sites. In its program, anyone can

  • Make and meet newly developed friends
  • It also supplements classroom instructions
  • It helps to learn slang and idiomatic expressions
  • It helps tandem partner to learn English
  • It improve cross-cultural connections while in-country
  • One can serve as a cultural ambassador for home country

The medium of instructions is either English or Spanish whereas course material is entirely English. The programs are also designed for students who have little knowledge of basic Spanish language skills.

Its orientation program includes specific details about the entire study program, a health and safety review, and a short walking tour around the concerned institute, apart from pick up service from airport. Its welcome folder contains details of accommodations, orientation time, and emergency contact numbers. The organization also provides group based programs with a period ranging from one week to one semester of six months.

The organization is open for persons around the age of 17 with parental approval. Its Spanish camp of one month every year is specifically designed for people with the age group of 13 to 17.