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Sadivorceattorney.Com: Why Should You Work With A Divorce Lawyer?

San Antonio divorce lawyers

Are you facing a big problem with spouse and you then want to end up things once and for all? In that kind of case, you need to deal with the legal process of separation and here, you need to work with a licensed divorce lawyer. Divorce is among the most complicated and challenging experiences in the life of a person.San Antonio divorce lawyersOne of the most reputable divorce lawyers you can choose to work with is through, the website of Bandoske, Butler, Reuter, PLLC.A knowledgeable, qualified and understanding lawyer would help you a lot in resolving the matter and in starting over with your life on your own or with your kids.San Antonio divorce lawyersThey are a full service law firm that specializes in Family Law. This form of law consists of custody litigation, divorce, child support, possession and access to child, marital and paternity agreements. Here at Bandoske, Butler, Reuter, PLLC. They have lawyers who could help you in both agreed settlements and complicated litigation cases. They are assisting their valued clients in navigating over their emotional & difficult family law litigation experience with full attention to detail as well as compassion.

High Quality Service from

They are committed to providing excellent customer service to every client and understand it might be an extremely tough time in your life. Every client comes with a different, unique story so they listen carefully to their requirements and assists you in navigating over your child support, divorce as well as custody cases. When you need to make a fresh start with your life, assist with the issue regarding child custody, help with the property division and assist with child support.

If you want to learn more about them, you may choose to visit their official website now and learn more about their services. You can get a chance to meet with their licensed divorce lawyers in person for a free consultation.


What You Need To Know When Applying For Bankruptcy In San Diego


Imagine a scenario where you have suffered a financial setback, debt collectors are on your neck left right and centre. Well, this can be a frustrating experience but you don’t have to be frustrated. You can file for bankruptcy and reorganize yourself. If you want to get your life back and get that desired financial freedom then you will need a good bankruptcy lawyer who will not only represent you in court but will give you expert advice on how to solve your financial issues and get back to your feet

When filing for bankruptcy, you have two options to choose from:

  • You can apply for bankruptcy under chapter 7.
  • Or apply for bankruptcy under chapter 13.


Under chapter 7, cases are usually resolved within a few months and it’s usually for people who may want time to eliminate credit card debts. In a nut shell it’s applicable to people who do not need long term re-organization.

Chapter 13 on the other is usually for people who need a longer period to re-organize themselves to avoid that home foreclosure, lower their car payment, consolidate their debts and save their valuable assets. This chapter is an option for people who are not eligible to apply for chapter 7. Chapter 13 of bankruptcy law is very beneficial and accommodating for people with unpaid tax debts and recurring student loans.


When applying for bankruptcy in San Diego, you will need a lawyer with expert knowledge in chapter 7 and chapter 13. You will need a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer with the expertise to advice you on which option you qualify to take.

This lawyer must be knowledgeable and with the expertise required to win such a petition. There are several reputable law firms with these kinds of lawyers who can help you with this kind of petition. You only need to search well for a more experienced San Diego lawyer who will not only help you win that petition, but will also give you expert advice and help you get back on your feet.


Can We File A Civil Lawsuit For A Sexual Assault?

Woman Feeling Uncomfortable At Work

Sexual assault. Though single word, the interpretations of the word different on age, gender, location and race. As much as it seems a psychological term, it indeed is a sociological term that changes on a daily basis based on user’s perception of it. We have been confronting the phenomena of sexual abuse on the regular basis across the world and some countries like South Africa, India and Zimbabwe prevail for the anomaly of child abuse. 90% of these cases are left in the air without being fought or raised a voice against.

Why? While few of them are worried about the complications they might get into on filing a case, most of the people that undergo sexual abuse are the kids who either doesn’t even know what’s happening with them, kids who are perpetual about the whole method of sexual abuse, kids who are scared to tell their parents/guardians that someone has touched them. On the other hand, the type that involves the violence is where the victims suppress their voice in trauma and often crave for a recovery than the justice as we are all bound with the idea that seeking justice will not make the victim any better. However, if every one of us thinks like that on an individual basis; it will lead to a collective development and the country never changes. In this article, we’re going to give you a basic guideline of how a sexual victim can file a case against the offender.

Woman Feeling Uncomfortable At Work

People who have undergone a sexual assault or abuse can file a lawsuit stating the situation against the offender. Though it’s a crime that has been committed, one can only approach a civil court for justice by filing a lawsuit there. The judgment can result in criminal prosecution and therefore, the offender can have a probation, fine, jail time or any other kind of sanctions. The victim can also choose to get some sort of monetary compensation for the incident, instead.

Types of Claims:

Usually, the type of the claim and the amount of the compensation that is to be given in a civil lawsuit for a sexual assault case varies based on the specified facts, the legal theory that can be applied to the situation, personal injury occurred to the victim (if any); cause of the action For sexual assault, mostly you won’t be able to find any particular cause of action that you can use on the perpetrator, and therefore, you need to go for the usual ‘Assault,’ ‘Emotional Distress,’ ‘Battery’ or ‘Trauma.’ Irrespective of the theory you use, the court proceeds the case, evaluates the damages that are occurred in the assault, the emotional/physical/personal harm the victim has undergone as a result and then come to a suitable verdict.


Sexual assaults are considered to be egregious crimes which are why in most of the countries (except India) they result in brutal judgments for high damages. The right kind of judgment has been found in the country of Canada and the sexual assault lawyer Toronto are considered as the best in seeking them. Though most of the times, the offender is held liable and is asked to pay tons of money; it also depends on the status of the defendant to collect it from him. As the insurances stay out of this kind of intentional acts, one should go for the personal assets to make them pay.

Suing others:

In some cases, you can also file a lawsuit suing additional parties apart from the perpetrator to pay the compensation for the assault. For example, if you’re a student of a particular university and if the assault has taken place within the premises of the Institute; the authority can he held liable by negligence in the supervision claim or negligence in providing adequate safety. Chances are high if the offender is the same institute as yours.

Filing the case:

Before filing the case, you should make sure that you’re entirely liable for the assault that has happened without any loops and specifications. Once you’re and if the incident turns out to be a criminal prosecution, you will have a better chance to succeed in the lawsuit. “Collateral Estoppel” (a legal rule) will then entitle you to bring any particular evidence to the jury by making it a criminal case if the defendant is guilty (this only happens when the defendant is convicted). If the accused is not and if no criminal case emerged or no prosecution, the victim can quickly show the jury that the defendant is intentional and liable of committing the assault.


Wondering why? This is because the proof standards are relatively low for a civil case than for a criminal case. However, the defendant will only be held civilly liable for the assault and will be proven as an offender for the wrongdoing. On the other hand, a criminal case requires bundles of proofs to prove him liable beyond the doubt. So, advice to the victim is to go for a civil case instead of the criminal trial until unless the damage is too high and if he/she cares about the justice more than the compensation.

What kind of sexual assault lawyer should you choose?

Even though it’s a criminal activity, choosing a civil injury lawyer or a personal injury lawyer will be better as you will have more chances of succeeding with them because of their approach than the criminal lawyers. Most of these attorneys will provide an initial consultation with no cost and therefore you can always discuss the case with more than one attorney and choose the one that you think will do the best.