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How To Differentiate Between Scammers And Legit Survey Sites


The idea of working online and earning money is very appealing as it very easy; you are only asking a few questions and then at the end of the survey, you get your cash. There are several companies out there who need to test new products, new ideas on anadvertisement, new services and to get information, focus groups have to be held for potential customers to get their opinions. That is the time the manufacturing companies approach the best survey sites to carry out the survey and market research for them. But just like any other products in the market, the survey sites also have scammers and thieves who lurk around in the corners, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting people.paid-survey

What Is A Scam

When it comes to survey scams, there are two types:

  • Sites which will scam you to pay in order to do a survey
  • Sites which pitch you other services and products

These companies promise you untold riches through market research, but they switch it on you. In the first part, they make you do surveys where they are the ones who get the money in return while you remain dry. In the second part, they get you to pay them.  The ones who tell you to pay you before you can join are similar to the Work At Home scams where you are promised to get work if you buy their start-up packages. The Same case happens to the survey site scammers; they tell you to pay in order to join and after paying, there is nothing. They will use the information you provide them to take advantage of you.online_survey_paid_803x533

How Legitimate Surveys Business Works

When a big company needs some good market research to be done, it takes to the best survey sites to do it for them. Doing it on their own is too expensive and that is why online surveyors come in handy. They hire a market research company online to send out an online survey for people with the right demographic target like age, geographical region, income, marital status. There are big online survey companies for big work like the Ipsos I Say USA and there are also some smaller companies who will deal with those small data. so depending on the sample size, you will have to choose the best survey site to work on your job or to work for, that is, if you are looking for online work.

Internet and Businesses Online

What Are The Reasons To Invest In Youtube Views


To become the next viral sensation on YouTube is no longer beyond your reach. There are effective ways available that can make your videos popular and make you the next viral sensation over this platform. YouTube Marketing is becoming the next marketing tool for businesses. It helps businesses reach wider audience and make their business and services popular amongst the target customers. However, this can only be possible when the videos uploaded on YouTube have large number of views and likes from viewers. But, most of the businesses are still struggling to get the desired number of views for their YouTube videos. Therefore, they opt for the easiest and fastest way to increase the views. They prefer to Buy Views for their YouTube videos to kick start the popularity of their videos and reach wider audience with ease.

Reasons to Buy Views


  • Boosting Authority – If you are searching for effective ways to increase the credibility on this platform, then increasing the number of views it very essential. The videos with high number of views easily get noticed and this increases the likeliness of the videos to get popular and watched by millions of other viewers.
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings – The videos with large number of views and likes are likely to get ranked higher on search engine results. The ranking of the videos are decided based on its popularity and number of comments and views it has gained. So, if you buy views to increase its credibility it will easily get higher ranks on search engine results.
  • Promotion of Brand and Business Name – YouTube is widely used today as a marketing platform. YouTube Marketing has gained immense popularity, owing to its effectiveness to offer results. If you are planning for YouTube Marketing, then buying the views for your videos would help you to get on track and capture the target marketplace. This will further boost the revenue generation of your business website by strengthening and increasing the viewership of the videos on YouTube.


  • Creating Traction – It has been discovered that the YouTube Videos with high number of comments and views are likely to get popular and higher ranking on YouTube searches. This in turn creates tractions. It will capture the attention of the other viewers and open multiple doors for success.

These were some of the reason why you must prefer to Buy Views for your YouTube videos.

Internet and Businesses Online

Responsive Blogger Templates To Choose From


Don’t you just love it when a website has a responsive theme? They can adjust to almost any platform or device that you use; phones, laptops, tablets and such. When a website or a page doesn’t have a responsive format, it’s extremely irritating to zoom in, zoom out, swipe and even tilt your device from left to right just to be able to read the texts or view the media displayed. The same applies when you’re creating a blog; we highly recommend the responsive blogger templates which you can easily find online. Of course you choose the blogger template that’s not responsive, but hey you do want to provide added convenience to your viewers.

Using responsive blogger templates is in no way a requirement, it’s your blog so what you say goes. But do keep in mind that majority of people do their online searches and viewing on their phones, so if your blog is a hassle to use then you’ll lose a considerable amount of viewers. Also, when you opt for the responsive blogger templates, it’s not like a major change will occur. You’re going to think of the content and everything, so why go for the other types of templates when you can make the lives of your viewers so much easier. All the blogger templates on this article can be found on



Harmonia is the ideal responsive blogger template for writers and blogger who opt for a plainer, cleaner and more spacious layout for their content. Designers want the attention of the reader or the viewer focused on the content instead of the template. As a blogger, Harmonia can help you smoothly publish everything; setting up a proper blog can be easier than you think. Harmonia is available for free, but if you want the best version then we suggest you purchase the premium.

Some of the features of Harmonia include a clean layout, drop down menu, Google testing tool validator, simple designs, a custom 404 page and social sharing. Harmonia is also SEO friendly, ads ready and mobile friendly. In case you have any trouble with the set up, visit the mentioned website and watch their demos and documentation.



By just catching a glimpse of the Monal template, it screams ‘for writers, photographers, travelers, freelancers and creative agencies.’ Monal is the blogger template you’re looking for if you want something that’s minimal, flexible and clean. The gorgeous design that you’ll see is heavily based on typography, bold colors and large photography.

Some of Monal’s features include an entirely responsive design so don’t worry about what device the viewers are using when visiting your blog. A powerful admin panel when you want to design a personalize homepage layout. As you build your homepage, you won’t be hassled thanks to their drag and drop feature. Monal also comes with an incredibly professional ‘404 not found’ layout. This will urge your viewers and users to find the correct content whenever they come across a broken link.