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Modern Calling With Avaya

The key to any business growing is by constant engagement. This will help revolutionize the way business is done and can help accelerate growth as well. By using the Avaya IP office platform, there are many benefits that a business can reap. Some of these benefits are: avaya_9600_smb24_aom_1_vl

Business Transformation

By employing a simple yet powerful solution such as Avaya IP office, businesses can transform the way they create a seamless environment and experience for their employees and customers. By employing such a solution, users can still have various facilities such as messaging, conferencing, and telephony and contact center to get in touch with the business any time they choose to.


With every passing day, the investment needed in a business grows. This is due to the growing demand of technology. With the Avaya IP office solution, there is no need to invest any further money into your communication system. If you are starting your Avaya IP office system with a setup for just five users, this can be expanded to 3000 users in no time. This expansion can be done at a single site or you can add up to 150 locations.

With the Avaya IP office you can also enable your staff and colleagues to communicate effectively from any place at any time. This will help reduce several overheads such as telephone costs as well as infrastructure costs. Once you enable your staff with plug and play telephony devices, your IT cost will also reduce. You can also rely on excellent Avaya support that will help optimize your Avaya IP office solution’s performance. It will help with increasing the up time and will also protect the initial investment in Avaya technology. You can accelerate growth by creating seamless engagement across the business with the advanced Avaya IP office solution.