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Can We File A Civil Lawsuit For A Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault. Though single word, the interpretations of the word different on age, gender, location and race. As much as it seems a psychological term, it indeed is a sociological term that changes on a daily basis based on user’s perception of it. We have been confronting the phenomena of sexual abuse on the regular basis across the world and some countries like South Africa, India and Zimbabwe prevail for the anomaly of child abuse. 90% of these cases are left in the air without being fought or raised a voice against.

Why? While few of them are worried about the complications they might get into on filing a case, most of the people that undergo sexual abuse are the kids who either doesn’t even know what’s happening with them, kids who are perpetual about the whole method of sexual abuse, kids who are scared to tell their parents/guardians that someone has touched them. On the other hand, the type that involves the violence is where the victims suppress their voice in trauma and often crave for a recovery than the justice as we are all bound with the idea that seeking justice will not make the victim any better. However, if every one of us thinks like that on an individual basis; it will lead to a collective development and the country never changes. In this article, we’re going to give you a basic guideline of how a sexual victim can file a case against the offender.

Woman Feeling Uncomfortable At Work

People who have undergone a sexual assault or abuse can file a lawsuit stating the situation against the offender. Though it’s a crime that has been committed, one can only approach a civil court for justice by filing a lawsuit there. The judgment can result in criminal prosecution and therefore, the offender can have a probation, fine, jail time or any other kind of sanctions. The victim can also choose to get some sort of monetary compensation for the incident, instead.

Types of Claims:

Usually, the type of the claim and the amount of the compensation that is to be given in a civil lawsuit for a sexual assault case varies based on the specified facts, the legal theory that can be applied to the situation, personal injury occurred to the victim (if any); cause of the action et.al. For sexual assault, mostly you won’t be able to find any particular cause of action that you can use on the perpetrator, and therefore, you need to go for the usual ‘Assault,’ ‘Emotional Distress,’ ‘Battery’ or ‘Trauma.’ Irrespective of the theory you use, the court proceeds the case, evaluates the damages that are occurred in the assault, the emotional/physical/personal harm the victim has undergone as a result and then come to a suitable verdict.


Sexual assaults are considered to be egregious crimes which are why in most of the countries (except India) they result in brutal judgments for high damages. The right kind of judgment has been found in the country of Canada and the sexual assault lawyer Toronto are considered as the best in seeking them. Though most of the times, the offender is held liable and is asked to pay tons of money; it also depends on the status of the defendant to collect it from him. As the insurances stay out of this kind of intentional acts, one should go for the personal assets to make them pay.

Suing others:

In some cases, you can also file a lawsuit suing additional parties apart from the perpetrator to pay the compensation for the assault. For example, if you’re a student of a particular university and if the assault has taken place within the premises of the Institute; the authority can he held liable by negligence in the supervision claim or negligence in providing adequate safety. Chances are high if the offender is the same institute as yours.

Filing the case:

Before filing the case, you should make sure that you’re entirely liable for the assault that has happened without any loops and specifications. Once you’re and if the incident turns out to be a criminal prosecution, you will have a better chance to succeed in the lawsuit. “Collateral Estoppel” (a legal rule) will then entitle you to bring any particular evidence to the jury by making it a criminal case if the defendant is guilty (this only happens when the defendant is convicted). If the accused is not and if no criminal case emerged or no prosecution, the victim can quickly show the jury that the defendant is intentional and liable of committing the assault.


Wondering why? This is because the proof standards are relatively low for a civil case than for a criminal case. However, the defendant will only be held civilly liable for the assault and will be proven as an offender for the wrongdoing. On the other hand, a criminal case requires bundles of proofs to prove him liable beyond the doubt. So, advice to the victim is to go for a civil case instead of the criminal trial until unless the damage is too high and if he/she cares about the justice more than the compensation.

What kind of sexual assault lawyer should you choose?

Even though it’s a criminal activity, choosing a civil injury lawyer or a personal injury lawyer will be better as you will have more chances of succeeding with them because of their approach than the criminal lawyers. Most of these attorneys will provide an initial consultation with no cost and therefore you can always discuss the case with more than one attorney and choose the one that you think will do the best.


Step By Step Procedure To Start An Office Cleaning Business

With abundant startups being emerged on a daily basis, it has become a habit of starting a business about anything and everything under the sun. Weirdly, all of this business are also becoming successful because of the growing needs of people and their will to get things done with an ease and comfort by minimizing their hardwork and paying someone else to do it. To start a successful business, you just have to be smart enough to identify the right set of customers, target them and design an innovative way to meet all their needs (keeping in mind to provide better service than the already existing services in the same industry).

One among such business is the office cleaning business. Talking about which, the office cleaning Oakville businesses are the best and can be considered as a global example of how to start an efficient office cleaning business. The need of the firm lies in the lack of maintenance of the rooms, offices and it only requires a considerate investment which can be built slowly. You can always start small, experiment and then expand based on the income to serve in the larger scale with a set of professional workers. So, here’s a step by step procedure on how to start an office cleaning business:

  • Determination of services:


Before even talking about the starting, one should be precise about what kind of services he/she wants to offer. Even though the word ‘cleaning’ seems to be pretty much radical, there’s a huge domain of services that can be categorized under. You can always start with providing basic services like sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning with water, mopping, cleaning the washrooms, dusting the walls et.al. Sometimes, clients will even ask for emptying the trash cans, cleaning the carpets and power washing the floors. The advanced services include wall treatment, floor treatment, cleaning the tables, repairing the surfaces and creating an ambient environment.

  • Creating a Business Plan:

Creating a business plan is mandatory for starting any business. Without a business plan, one can’t directly estimate or predict the budget that is to be invested in the business and the revenue generation once started. By creating a business plan, you will be able to balance the amount that is to be spent and the amount that is being generated. How to create a business plan? Firstly, determine the prices for the services you’re offering and make sure that your customer base will agree with them. Then, list out the expenses including the startup costs, the maintenance costs and also the marketing/promoting costs. Initially, it will take some time to gain a significant profit, and therefore you should be able to run your business till you acquire it. Also keep future expansion in mind as you’re going to grow big once started.

  • Securing a License:

The third step of starting the business is securing a license. Securing a license is imperative as most of the clients especially the professional people prefer the services which are licensed than ones which are not because they always measure reliability based on the brand value. Therefore, contact the license registration department in your area and fill the application form as soon as possible.


  • Obtaining an insurance:

Be it any business, obtaining insurance is always safe. We can never actually predict what will happen in the next second, and you will obviously need some liability if any loss or damage is happened to your business. The reasons for damages may include theft, natural calamities also. Therefore, it is always recommended to obtain an adequate insurance amount just to play safe and avoid drowning.

  • Purchasing Resources:

By resources, it means all kind of equipment and supplies required for the process of office cleaning and also the manpower. The equipment you need to purchase might include a mop, vacuum cleaner, bucket, broom, wringer, dusting clothes, sponges, cleaners, disinfectants, scrubbers et.al. If you’re offering the power washing service or the carpet cleaning service; you might as well need a carpet cleaner and a power washer too. Always buy the ones that have a long life cycle and also the ones that have maximum functionality even when they cost a bit more.

  • Set Prices:

Instead of setting prices for the services; always set hourly, daily, weekly rates. This is because the working conditions will be different for different offices and if you fix the rate for the services you might often end up doing extra work for the same amount than you expected. Therefore, always examine the situations and provide an unique price to the customer for the service and give them a guideline of the process, as well.


  • Promote your services:

These days nothing goes big without mandatory promotion. You can’t just expect people to come and ask for your service by sitting in your room. You should let the customers know about your service and for this, you can visit the buildings, provide information, show a presentation by giving them reasons to choose you. Social media marketing (sending emails, posting on Facebook like sites), printing Ads in the local newspapers, magazines and phone directories can help you as well. Having a website for your service enhances your business more.

  • Hire a pro team:

Always hire people who know what they’re doing. Even though it’s just a cleaning business, you need to have a team who can put their interest in the cleaning and not the ones who just treat it as some chores. Instead, offer them rewards and gift them even with little to increase their interest in the game.


The Benefits Of Post Natal Massage

Post natal massage  is the full body massage which is given to a mother after the birth of her child. There are several specialists who have the know how on the way to do it right. You can decide they come to your home or you can visit a beauty parlor where they can do it for you. When carrying out the message, these specialists normally start with your feet, moving upwards until they finish with your head. This is to enable you take care of the young one as the massage is being carried on.  The massage normally soothes new mums as it is relaxing in the middle of chaos of bringing a newborn home. It is advisable that you get some help with your baby so that you can have an hour to yourself while the  body massage is being carried on.  Some of the top benefits of post natal massage include:

  • Getting Relaxation From It

The post natal massage helps to relax the entire body from the enormous strains, pressure, and sleeplessness suffered during child birth. The body massage will help to relax the strained muscles. prenatal

  • Reduces Stress Hormones

The cortisol hormones are responsible for stress and during postnatal massage,  this hormone is reduced in the body of the new mum

  • Provides Flexibility to Stretch Nerves and Muscles

The stretched nerves are soothed and the body flexibility is increased when the massage is done

  • Makes The Skin Glow

The use of the massage oil helps to make the skin radiant and that is why the skin of a new mom who is doing body massages glow.

  • Increased, Blood Circulation

The massage helps in increasing, stimulating the blood and oxygen circulation in the body, thus giving her that radiant look massage

  • Water Weight is Reduced

During pregnancy, a woman tends to gain weight. During regular postnatal massages, water weight is reduced, thus helping in toning the whole body as it helps in reducing fluid retention by eliminating excess body fluids.

  • Increase in Milk Production

During the post natal massage, the body releases Oxytocin known as love hormones which trigger the milk ejection reflex , thus inducing breast milk production

  • An Excellent Stress buster
  • Postnatal massage helps in lightening stretch marks

When oils like Nalapamaraadi or Almond are used during the body massage especially the tummy area, stretch marks will fed with time. Share this document to enlighten mothers on the importance of postnatal massage.

Magnificent advantages of watching movies at Showbox

In the world on android application market there has been a massive growth and development. In the recent years, this development and technology has doubled itself and is on an uprising pace. Large number of applications which could in some or the other way render help to a person are being made so that the users are getting exactly what they wanted and they are getting massive services in their smart phones. Showbox is one such application that lets the users download and watch movies in their mobile phones without incurring a single penny. It is because of this show box which has prompted the download of so many movies and TV shows. It has witnessed a massive downloads and thereby has a lot of customer base. Watch the movies online and get a glimpse of good movies which perhaps would let the players get a good glimpse of what could be a good source of passage of time. Earlier there were applications that allowed the users to watch movies but they had to incur some charges which proved to be a costly method to some users. So many users didn’t applaud such applications. showbox-on-ipad

Also there have been speculations and doubts regarding the better platform to use the showbox application whether it is to be used on a computer or on android mobile phone. So according to the makers, the application has been exclusively designed for the android applications and you can download the app of the computer but would have to transfer the application to android phone and unlock it via file viewer. Afterwards, hit off the install button and instill showbox in your mobile phone. When the download is finished there would be a showbox icon and press it and start using it.showbox-on-android-170x300

So this finishes off with the installation of the showbox application. Also a user can very easily download the app from the playstore. That would make no difference. You can download movies of all genres and categories and arrange them categorically according to the reviews, your own ratings. Moreover, the app is devoid of any malicious programs or any such issue and the user can easily download the app from the store. This makes the working of the app easier. There aren’t any security issues and so feel free to transfer the app from one mobile phone from another.


Elevating The Traffic At Your Business Website!!

Google will undoubtedly love when every internet user loves you at the first note!! And this will be eventually possible when you your business web page appear high at the online search engine ranking.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is basically the process of making an improvisation in the visibility as well as the credibility of a website on the platform of organic search engine result pages that abbreviated as SERP. There are certain methodologies, tactics and techniques that are put to implementation in order to bring about a successful and purposeful search engine result optimisation which will pave way for enhanced productivity of the business. By making an incorporation of the specific search engine friendly and useful elements, a leading successful campaign can be brought up for the modern businesses of today. As part of the specific improvements it is important to make a selection of relevant and meaningful keywords which eventually become prominent for the particular search engine algorithms.


Specific areas of optimization

SEO is divided into two of the basic areas that are namely, on page optimization and off page optimization.

  • On page optimization: – On page optimization basically the reference made to the specific elements of the website which comprises of a web page, for instance HTML code, images, textual content to name a few of them.
  • Off page optimization: – This type of optimization basically refers to the backlinks that are specifically the links that point to the specific site that is put for optimization from the platform of other relevant websites.

For the modern business of today, it is important to stay active at the digital platform so as to make their presence felt and their brands, products and services reach out to the target audience. With the revolution brought about the digital arena of technology, there is a lot that that has been modified and so has the business strategies in the internet market. With the changing times, it is important to deal with the progressive changes so that the individual is well equipped with the current updates in the digital as well as the financial market.

If your business website has the potential to make it to the first influential page of the search engine results, then probably this is the result of effective and prominent search engine strategies which lays the foundation of most business organizations for most of the digital marketing strategies. Search Engine marketing is basically an operative technique that is inclusive of the component of promoting websites by employing certain strategies so as to enhance their visibility at the platform of search engines. The boost in the visibility of business websites is provisioned by the prominent elements of optimization, marketing and advertising. It basically encourages on the assets of search engine optimization techniques, reputation management, pay-per click advertisement, social media marketing and a lot more to boost the sales and productivity of the business on an unimaginable scale.

Catering to the needs of both small sized and large scale enterprises, the search engine optimization services in any location, be it U.K, China, Canada, Toronto or any specific location, the search engine optimization techniques pave way to amplify the brand image at a global scale and appeal the tech savvy audience of today. The digital trend of social media is ever increasing and flourishing and

Indeed if you want your business to grow heights there is an immediate need to embrace the platform of social media.


What does the phenomenon of search engine optimisation holds for you?

  • Assessment:

With the prominence of cutting edge technology and efficient tools the SEO specialists at the platform of SEO Toronto, go through the specifications of the business, website, linkable assets, needs and requirements, keywords, relevancy of content and competition at the internet market and much more and eventually an effective and promising strategy is made to bring about the best possible results for the businesses of today.

  • Strategies:

A content strategy is build up which provisions a support system for the SEO objectives and a lot more after an indepth analysis of each of the element that is associated with the website and the business. A prominent channel is built between the search engine that is Google and the website so that the further course of plan can be implemented and in case of any issues, a direct link can be maintained with the same.

  • Implementation/ Execution:

All the updated knowledge, planning, techniques, methodologies and strategies are put into action and the best possible components of business intelligence is implemented in order to make the most out of it. SEO consulting and various innovative and affordable packages are offered by the search engine optimization companies in Toronto and if your business is set up in Toronto then undoubtedly you can expect the best SEO support by the SEO experts. SEO friendly marketing policies, local map optimization, link building campaign and competitive analysis are some of the components that are focused upon and eventually these drive success for the SEO campaigns of the business.


  • Measurement:

with a user friendly interface and regular updates on the web page analysis along with the element of real time reporting, the business owners are provisioned to follow the progressive actions of their websites day by day and make suggestions with respect to the improvements day by day. It also allows the liberty to keep a close on the various competitors that are spread all over the vicinity of the entire digital market and make improvisations so as to stay ahead in the race.

It is suggested to make a comprehensive study of the risks so as to maintain the search traffic for a very long period of time. A risk assessment and management activity need to be performed on a regular basis so as to highlight issues if any and take preventive actions with respect to the same accordingly. By implementing the strategies at the appropriate time and effectively, the traffic at the platform can be enhanced mounting the productivity and sales of the business and the organization

Get to know the things to keep in mind before bidding

Bringing to you an insight with the specifications of funeral services and the elements associated with the same. It is indeed hard to say goodbyes to your loved ones but to present them before them a peaceful one, it is important to get in touch with a funeral director who is skilled and experienced in his sphere of work and knows very well his job. It is important that you share a comfort level with the funeral director and utilize the opportunity to ask questions on the specific services being provisioned at the elements associated with the same.home-feature-funeral-arrangements1

It is important to get acquainted with the fact that how is a funeral home and how well it is being built and also the quotes related to the costs. If each particular aspect is discussed on a primary note then eventually things will fall right at the right time without any hassle. Now, we would like to equip you with what to keep in mind while taking a pick of the funeral home. Funeral-Services-4697_l_1cd8676597b9f50b1

What to keep in mind while taking a pick of the funeral director?

  • Level of comfort: – Do you think you share the comfort level with the funeral director and do you think he will be able to implement the vision that you have thought of. It is imperative to ask such questions to yourself and then take a pick accordingly.
  • Goods and services: – The funeral home needs to bring about an offering of the specific goods and services that you wish for and need for. All the services should cater to meet your needs and requirements at reasonable prices.
  • Amenities: – the specific type of amenities that are in your priority list need to be present in the funeral home that are inclusive of the a private holding room that is required before the service and indeed bathrooms for the handicap individuals and a lot more that may be required.
  • Religious and culture specific considerations: – This particular factor holds paramount importance as for any individual the religious and cultural believes are specific and they want to proceed the funeral of their loved ones according to the same. Thus, it becomes imperative that the funeral director understands the religious considerations and make a comprehensive study of what all needs to be done with time and management. The customs should be kept in mind and the funeral should be organized as per the preferred selection of the family members.
  • Pricing: – The goods and services that you want should be offered within the budget and the same should be discussed way before by organizing a meeting with the funeral director in order to avoid any trouble in the forthcoming days.

There should no pressure on the family in order to get into the details that they are not comfortable with! The funeral director should be empathetic enough to understand the beliefs and the pain of the family and make the process as peaceful and serene as it could be. Any unwanted elements should not be forced upon the family and the things should be organized according to their preferences.